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News from January 2012

Welcome to 2012

January 13, 2012

According to the Chinese Calender 2012 is the Year of The Water Dragon and that crazy Mayan Calender that says that the world will end on December 12, 2012 . At Hyperactive Watersports we disagree with both of those calenders and proclaim 2012 as “THE YEAR OF THE TIGE”. We agree with the Chinese that water is the basis of all-things-good and sure hope the Mayan’s are not correct in having the earth explode before next Christmas. But if there is even a miniscule chance that the world might come to an abrupt end, we think we should get on the water as soon as we can to slay that dragon and enjoy every moment of this boating season as if it were our last (and it is not, but have fun anyway!)

Why the YEAR OF THE TIGE? Well, welcome to 2012. Things are looking brighter on the economic front here in Western Canada as the energy sector ramps up again and we hope we all came away from that recession experience a whole lot wiser. The days of wretched excess in spending (remember 2006?) are over and a few over-the-top consumer products died with that sentiment. We said goodbye to the ultimate symbol of sloth, the Hummer H2 and said hello to the new Ford Ecoboost. Good ridance to that stupid term “BLING”, as in “My brand x gold metal flake wakeboard boat has the best Bling because it matches my huge gold neck chains and my barbwire armband tattoo”.

The most important development in watersports is that folks have had enough of trying to fling themselves upside-down behind a boat at 22 mph while strapped to a board. They are moving over to the the “injury-free, you know you will still be able to move and go to work on monday” activity of wakesurfing. Both the young, and still feeling young crowd are discovering how much fun it is to ride the endless wave behind a properly equiped towboat. At 10 mph the fun is slow, safe and social as everyone enjoys the music and cheers on the rider. No boots, no broken bones, no wrecked knees, and no time off work to recover. Wakeboarding was fun and plenty of people are still enjoying it, but wakesurfing is clearly the “new wave”. Finally a sport where we just can’t see the need to wear a helmet!

Just as wakeboarding changed the face of the towboat market over a decade ago with new innovations and new leaders in the industry, wakesurfing is having the same effect. Tige Boats has always utilized the Patented Convex V hull design to make their boats the most versatile watersports towboats on the water. We have learned over the past few summers that the Convex V design produces the very best factory ballasted wakesurf wakes (waves!) for both left and right foot forward riders. We make this claim boldly and will stand by it. Tige wakesurf wakes are the very best on the water and the new Tiges are second to no other in their quality, style, fit, and finish. As Hyperactive enters our twentieth year of business we are more excited about being on the water and representing Tige Boats than we have ever been!

Happy New Year and Good Boating!

Come check out the new 2012 Tige Boats at our shops or at a boatshow soon.

Calgary Boat and Sportsmen’s Show – February 9–12 – Stampede Park

Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Show – March 15 -18 – Northlands