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2012 Will Be The Best Wakesurfing Summer!

March 11, 2012

Almost everyone checking out new boats at boatshows and dealership showrooms this year are talking about, and interested in, wakesurfing. Check out this video clip shot by some of the most avid wakesurf enthusiasts around. Make note of the brands of boats they are using. They are not the traditionlally “most recognized” wakeboard boat brands, so when some part-time boat salesman at a shop or boatshow tells you that his brand is a great wakesurf boat and can’t back it up with anything more than sales talk, just keep doing your research. The 2012 boats that don’t surf like the ones in this video are going to be a big let-down to their owners, and suffer in the re-sale department in years to come. Wakesurfing is an awesome on-the-water activity. Don’t settle for “old-school” boats as we move forward into the new world of wave instead of wake!

Come see us at the Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, March 14 – 18 at Northlands and check out the best surf boats on the market today.


Wakesurfing with Sneaky Giants and from slayshTank: The Riders Coalition on Vimeo.

Our Boatshow Is Still On!

February 18, 2012

This year’s Calgary Boats and Sportsmen’s Show has passed and it was a great event as usual. All of out-of-town boat dealers have returned to their respective cities and at Hyperactive we have our shop back in order for everyone that would like to take a second or third look at our boats before making a choice on which one may suit their needs. Both at the boatshow and within our shop almost all conversations regarding behind-the-boat sports and boat performance have turned to Wakesurfing. At Hyperactive, we have been riding on wakesurfers since the first one came on the market in 2003. We are both stoked to know that this activity is growing in popularity, and that within our dealership we represent the two best performing wakesurf brands. Do some research online and visit Hyperactive to make sure that you do not miss the (wakesurf) wave and get left in the (wakeboard)wake. Our Boatshow is still on and Boatshow Bonus Pricing is still in effect. Stop in soon!

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