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Oct. 28th Staff Wakesurfing at Ghost Lake

October 30, 2011

It has been a great fall season weatherwise and almost all of our boat winterizings have been completed. Our shop boats are the last ones to be put away, so we are still headed out to find open water whenever we can for what could be our last ride of the season. On Friday Oct 28th we closed up the shop for a couple of hours and took the new 2012 Centurion Enzo SV211 out to Ghost Lake. The sun had been out all week and the winds calm, but it really did not warm up on friday, and at 4 degrees the air was cool. At 5.5 degrees the water was really cool, and the west wind coming down the lake made it less than perfect weather. But two of us put on the best cold water gear we could find and each rode twice. The Enzo 211 with factory ballast produced a great wake with plenty of “push”. The more we ride, the more we understand why our friends and customers are stoked on wakesurfing. Wakeboarding is great, slalom is still awesome, but wakesurfing in clearly the “new wave”. Stop and see us soon. Thanks to Tige and Centurion we have the very best wakesurf boats and gear to show you.

It was cold but it was great fun to be on the water and “in the wave”. We are hoping to get out one more time this coming week. No snow yet please!

Everyone Is Stoked on Wakesurfing

October 10, 2011

Summer 2011 stretched well into September, and early October has seen more people enjoying their boats later than usual this year. This extended summer has given all of us at Hyperactive more time to spend on the water and getting away from the shop has allowed us to see how much fun people are having on the lakes with all of the great gear we represent. It is completely and clearly obvious that wakesurfing has taken over from wakeboarding as the watersport that active boatowners are interested in, trying to do, and having the most fun learning. Wakesurfing is now where wakeboarding was in 1999. The first wakeboard hit the market in 1991, but it took a solid 8–9 summers for wakeboarding to really take off in terms of popularity. By contrast, we received our first wakesurfers in 2003, and nine summers later there are enough people feeling the stoke for this sport for it to grow in popularity as fast as wakeboarding did previously. Wakesurf board designs are evolving at a more rapid pace, and the towboat companies are realizing the measure of their products performance now includes the ability to build great waves and not just wakes. At Hyperactive we have been a Tige Boat dealer since 2001 and are now more impressed with this brand of boats quality and performance, than ever before. The factory weighted Tige boats (ie. no extra sacks cluttering the interior) are clearly superior in their ability to produce wakesurf waves for both left and right foot forward surfers. The quality of the wave (not just wakes) produced by a towboat, are the new performance standard. To this end, our Tiges are not just good, they are the very best. Stop in and check out the 2012 Tige boats and learn more about what is new on the water!

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