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Christmas Sale

December 4, 2010


Well it is that exciting time of year again. Sorry, not the beginning of summer yet! But at Hyperactive it may be December, and Christmas is just around the corner, but it is always summer in our stores. We have plenty of gear in stock, and with the 2011 products about to start arriving by the truckload, we have tons of great deals on 2010 equipment. Wakeboards, Water-Skis, Wakesurfers and plenty of stocking stuffers starting at $1.99!

Need a specific widget or gadget for that boat owner on your list? If we do not have it in-stock, there is still time to place a special order.

Stop in and see us, or order from our online shop. Remember the Hyperactive motto: Summer Gear, All Year!


Don’t forget. We have three locations: “Calgary – Kelowna – Lethbridge –


Almost December Already

November 24, 2010

At Hyperactive we can’t believe that summer is over, boats are all winterized, and Christmas is just around the corner. But for us, the 2011 Tige boats are arriving, booking orders for 2011 pro-shop gear have been placed and boatshow spaces have been booked for both the Calgary and Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen’s Shows. Product deliveries, boatshow boats, printing, and display materials are already being assembled for those shows which for us is basically the kick-off to the 2011 season. 2010 was a good year as the whole economy recovered from the beating that it took in 2008/2009. At Hyperactive we are excited about next summer. The team at Tige has pushed forward hard during the economic slowdown and it shows in the quality and styling of the new boats. While competitors were closing factories and scrambling to clear a glut of stale inventory, Tige’s fiscal house was in order and they were designing, building and improving. The new 20’ RZR is going to lay down some new rules on the water with the warranty to back it up including free scheduled service for three years after purchase. That’s confidence in the product and at Hyperactive we are 110% commited to representing Tige well into the future. Before you consider buying a new boat in 2011 ask the dealer if they are going to be around in a few years for when you need service or to trade your boat in. Dealer’s come and go. Boat companies come and go. But Hyperactive and Tige are here to stay. Stop in and see us soon!

Here is a so-so quality video of the Hyperactive Staff’s last ride of the season on Kalmalka Lake in October. That’s the new RZR at barefoot water-ski speed (nice work Matt) and then at wakesurf-speed (with factory ballast):

Check out Tige’s 2011 boats here:

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