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Water Ski Success!!!!

July 16, 2010

WHAT A DAY ITS BEEN!!!!!!! and its not even 1pm!!!!!!

This morning the boys at the shop had the epic opportunity to ski with one of the greats! Chris Sullivan of Radar Waterskis kindly donated some of his priceless time to assist the aspiring Waterski pros in the Hyperactive Shop. Sadly, it became apparent real quick that going pro was only but a pipe dream!

This goes without saying, we had the time of our lives. Special Thanks to Mr. Dan Velcic for his kindness and patients as some of us struggled to stay up on our waterski!!!

Hopefully the weather holds out so a good day can turn into a Great Weekend!!

See you all on the lake!!!


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Big Weekend Up Ahead

July 15, 2010

There is a big weekend ahead for all of us here at the shop!!!!

Tomorrow morning our shop staff is getting the pleasure of skiing with one of the greats. Chris Sullivan of Radar Waterskis is giving us the opportunity to listen to his wisdom and learn to try and be better skiers. I am certain we will also pick up on some of the amazing things we can look forward to seeing from Radar. I will be posting pictures of the debauchery tomorow afternoon.

Looking ahead…On July 22nd and 23rd we are teaming up with a wakeboard pro to help you all become better riders. Registration is now open for these lesson sessions!!

With all the knowledge you gain from these lessons, why not enter the Chestermere Water Festival on Saturday July 24th. There is divisions open to all ages and skill levels. Give the shop a call at 403 277 9118 or email us at and we can get you registered.

Hope to see you all on the water real soon!!!!


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