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And It Begins...

May 17, 2010

Back in the water we went this weekend, kicking off summer in epic style out at Chestermere. The Hyperactive Team took to the lake in full force, taking advantage of all three days out on the water. Our proshop manager Brett was seen attempting some pre-ski stretches in a wet-suit much too small for a man of his stature.
All the stretching in the world could not prepare Brett for the mind numbing feeling of sinking into the 49 degree water.

Once we were accustomed to the water it was buisness as usual with the huge airs on the wakeboard, fast corners on the waterski and hard cuts on the surfboards. There was even some 40 mph surfboard whippers and a few failed atttempts at barefooting.

Hopefully the gods will bless us with hot days and calm water for the upcoming may long weekend, but if the weekend lives up to its reputation, we may be ripping in the snow!!

See Ya’ll Out There…



Spring 2010 (finally)

May 9, 2010

Have you seen enough snow for one winter? We have, and hopefully the last flakes have fallen and the spring sun will begin to shine, allowing all of us to go for that first boat ride, wakeboard run, or slalom set. We have plenty of hot new gear at Hyperactive and more arriving daily. Every week another truckload of Tige boats arrives for water-testing and delivery to their new owners. If you visit our shop you will notice that there are boats parked in every available space and our off-site storage areas are full as well. We love this time of year as it is like Christmas day everytime we unwrap a new boat. Seeing the new owners of those boats faces light up when they get that first look at it, is truly like Christmas morning (but please, enough with the snow). Tige and Campion are building flawless custom ordered boats in record time, so it is not too late to factory order the boat of your dreams for summer 2010. Stop and see a 2010 Tige, you will be amazed at the remarkable improvements in style, features, and attention to detail.

We would like to welcome Sydney and Jared back to the Hyperactive pro-shop for the summer now that their exams are finished. Congratulations to Lee Martineau on the completion of his Bachelor of Commerce from the U of C. Lee is joining the full-time staff of Hyperactive and we know that his enthusiasm and creativity will be a huge addition to our team. We also welcome Sean McCrady back to Hyperactive after his short foray back into the corporate world. Sean has been working feverishly to get the Hyperactive ecommerce site up and running, and any day now it will go “live” making all of our products easily available to riders, skiers, and boaters all accross Canada.

We look forward to seeing you soon at either our Calgary or Lethbridge stores, and Edmontonians do not dispaIr, there is a Hyperactive location returning to your city in the near future!


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